Pharmaceutical Industry Products

Kleissler P C produces custom designs of dust control equipment  for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

    Specializing in Pharmaceutical applications, Kleissler P C provides solutions for all your dust and vapor containment needs.  We can design and provide complete systems or stand-alone units for virtually any operation or process.  Typical applications include hoods for dispensing, blending, milling, sieving and granulation.  For full product descriptions visit the product links in the top menu.


Local Exhaust Ventilation and Dust Control Hoods


Kleissler P C has experience in all pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.  The below slideshow includes examples of some of the pharmaceutical applications for which Kleissler P C has designed hoods.




Enclosures and Gloveless Barriers

Kleissler P C, LLC can provide additional levels of dust control using custom designed enclosures.  Enclosures maximize dust containment and are designed most especially for occupational health.



Booths and Dispensing Stations

KPC Booths and Dispensing Stations provide much greater control and significantly reduces exposure levels.


The design incorporates superior local exhaust at the operating points, secondary exhaust to supplement the primary exhaust, and strategically placed air washes to further protect the operator and reduce any possibility of escaping dust particles.  This design provides the lowest exposure levels achievable and allows more operator freedom than laminar flow alone.  The local exhaust air pattern is not affected by where the operator stands or works.


Cyclones for Product Accountability

Cyclon15The Kleissler-PC Super High Efficiency Cyclones have been carefully designed for greater efficiency. This makes them extremely useful for Product Accountability Systems.  These Cyclones can also be used as pre-filters which will extend the life of HEPA filters, reducing costs and reducing maintenance efforts.  Our new design provides for uninterrupted running of the system, even when removing the dust container.

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